At Inno Lab Engineering Sdn Bhd, we provide impeccable total solutions and services to all industries that touch the lives of millions of people across the globe. We would like to highlight that we are a company providing application-focused measurement solutions to improve the quality of our environment, food, energy sources and new materials, for global and human health and well being.

Our commitment to excellence and knowledge of innovative total solutions by market segments covers environmental, food & beverage, forensic & toxicology, palm oil related scientific solutions, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical & neutraceuticals, clinical, solar industries and agricultures based solutions.

We provide you wide range of innovative products offering which helps customers solve their business and scientific goals.

Perkin Elmer Analytical Instruments
Sciex LCMSMS Solutions
Olympus Biological Microscope
Ellutia Permeation / Thermal Energy Analyser
Consort Electrochemical, Electrophoresis Analyser
Phase Technology Pour, Cloud Point & Freeze Point Analyser
Teknokroma Chromatography Consumable
IAS Auto Scanning System Fully Automated VPD-ICP-MS
Reagecon Standard References Materials
Accumax Pipette, Tips, Centrifuge Tubes and Pipette Controller
Neuation Microcentrifuges, Stirrers, Shakers and more
Laboratory Apparatus
Laboratory Furnitures, Office Furnitures
Gas Piping

When it comes to the products and services you produce or purchase, their quality, unparalleled compliance, safety and integrity is vital. Whatever your industry, wherever your operations, we deliver essential information to you – the partner that you can trust.

Yours sincerely
SG Tan
Managing Director